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NOBLESISSLE.COM is the official Noble Sissle Family website dedicated to presenting historical and factual information about the life and times of Noble Sissle.  Noble Sissle witnessed and participated in American history from a very unique perspective.  Over time, this website will share with the world his many achievements and first-hand accounts of major moments in American and African-American history.

​Noble Sissle was a poet/lyricist but much more.  He was a writer and historian who often documented and explained many aspects of our nation’s Black history from World War I through the Civil Rights Era in the 1960s.  He did this as a lecturer and as a radio Disk Jockey on a daily program (Rhythm of America) on WMGM, a major station in New York City (the first African-American to do so).  He authored a weekly Washington, DC newspaper column titled Music Americana.  He did this with a Royal typewriter in his Harlem apartment and used a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Entertainment history was important to him but it was that history that was linked to other facets of Black history.  Entertainers and other personalities were often proponents of the civil and humanitarian rights struggles.  Noble Sissle was among the most eloquent.

Our website will illustrate the history Noble Sissle witnessed and his achievements that are known and unknown.   A Timeline will show an overview as to where he was and what he was doing during the 86 years of his remarkable life.


Thanks for dropping in and please visit again.  Additional content is on the way.




The Noble Sissle Family

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